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Crypto requires new rules. New protections. New security practices. But nothing that can’t be learned. Nor taught. Play those tutorial videos, meet with Ian Rogers, Experience Officer at Ledger, then be on the safe side with crypto.

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On the Ledger is our weekly podcast featuring the most innovative voices in Web3. The conversations cover a range of exciting topics and are a perfect companion on your daily commute or even your morning run.

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Welcome to the LEDGER Reading Room. Consider it our Web3 archive where you will find hundreds of articles covering a wide array of topics, all explained in the clearest way possible.

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If you're curious about Web3 and want to take control of your digital freedom, come along for the ride as we explore the world of crypto and blockchain one block at a time. Each episode is a relatable take on how crypto is impacting culture, from fine art to finance - good times guaranteed.

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