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PATHWAY 3. What is Ledger?

chapter 3/3

Ledger Live App: Buy, Sell, Stake and Swap Crypto

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Key Takeaways
— Ledger Live app provides a wide range of services. It allows you to buy different crypto assets, swap crypto, cash out your preferred coins, and grow your funds.

— The app allows you to check your balance anytime and anywhere. It gives complete control over your funds.

— Ledger Live is integrated with NFT management and helps you to secure, visualize, and access your NFTs within the ledger ecosystem.

— The app is also integrated with multiple DeFi platforms. This way, it allows you to access DeFi services like Swapping, Staking, Lending, and Borrowing.

— In the present article, we’ll discuss in detail how the Ledger Live app helps you manage different types of digital assets and provides numerous crypto services.

In the last article, we explained how your Ledger Nano protects your private keys from physical and digital threats. Now let’s address the next pillar of Ledger’s infrastructure: the Ledger Live App, where your crypto comes to life.

The Ledger Live App is our native management interface. It allows you to visualize and manage your entire crypto and NFT portfolio, all in one place. The Ledger Live app comes with every Ledger Nano and displays directly on your smartphone or desktop, giving you a clear, intuitive interface for managing your portfolio. Let’s see exactly what that means for you and your crypto.

Manage Your Crypto Portfolio Easily

The Ledger Live App enables you to securely manage a huge range of cryptocurrencies. You can currently manage around 5500 different crypto assets, including NFTs, coins and tokens, and we’re constantly adding more! This enables you to check your balance anytime and anywhere using the app. This way, you can easily keep track of your crypto operations and check your real-time balance.

Buy and Sell Crypto

Buying and selling crypto are two essential parts of the crypto experience, and you can do both within the security of Ledger Live App. You can buy your first digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, through our partners, Bitcoin Cash and Dash, Moonpay, and more.

And if you think you want to cash out and sell some of your digital assets, you can do that too.

Swap, Stake, Lend and Borrow Crypto

The blockchain ecosystem is expanding quickly, and  Ledger is aiming to become a secure gateway to the entire space and all of the services it offers. Let’s take a look at what that means for you.

Ledger’s App Catalogue Explained

The App Catalogue, within the Discover tab of Ledger Live, is a searchable list of Web3 apps integrated to work directly with your Ledger Nano. Accessing your favourite dApps via our catalogue keeps your crypto secure in two ways:

  1. It ensures your transaction details with those platforms can be viewed in full on the Trusted Display of your device. This means no more blind signing – and no uncertainty when it comes to understanding what you’re agreeing to.
  2. It means you can transact with your funds while your private keys stay securely inside your device – you’ll need to confirm every transaction on the device itself, and nothing can ever happen to your funds without your knowledge.

Access DeFi in Ledger Live

As part of our mission to make Web3 secure, we’ve integrated a range of DeFi services into Ledger Live via our App Catalogue. We can broadly categorize these services into four sections: swapping, staking, lending and borrowing. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Swapping

Ledger Live has integrated 1inch and Paraswap – two of the most widely used decentralized exchange aggregators in the DeFi space. This means you can swap your crypto directly from your Ledger Nano. Doing so not only makes for a seamless experience, but also gives you absolute transparency as the transaction details will be shown on the Trusted Display of the device.

  • Staking

The chance to make passive income is one of the great advantages of crypto, and staking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your wealth .

To make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity, Ledger Live is now integrated with Lido , the top staking platform for Ether (ETH).

  • Lending and Borrowing

If you’re looking to lend your inactive crypto in exchange for some rewards – or even borrow some crypto yourself via the the mechanics of decentralized finance – our integrated platform Alkemi is at your fingertips.

Here, you can securely plug-and-play with your Ledger Nano, to access DeFi liquidity pools directly from your device.

In short, no matter which of DeFi’s exciting options you want to access, you can do it all from the security of your Ledger Nano – thanks to the Ledger Live app and its integrated platforms.

Manage NFTs in Ledger Live

As crypto evolves, it is about more than just coins and tokens – NFTs are also a staple of the average crypto portfolio, and entail some new considerations for wallet providers.

We recently integrated NFT management within the Ledger Live App . This enables you to secure, visualize, and transact with your NFTs from within the Ledger Ecosystem.

Here’s how Ledger’s ecosystem creates the best NFT experience in the space.

Secure NFTs using Ledger Nano

As with any crypto asset, securing the private keys for your NFTs within a Ledger Nano hardware wallet means those assets cannot be reached by digital or physical hackers – your NFT collection will be absolutely secure from hacks, even as you transact.

Visualize your NFTs within the Ledger Live Interface

As it stands, most wallets do not allow you to see your NFT collection in their native interface.

To overcome this, Ledger Live’s native NFT display allows users to view and manage the NFTs they own, all from within the app – a clearer, more personal way of managing your collection.

Ledger Live App: a secure gateway to Web3

Your Ledger Nano, combined with the Ledger Live App, provide the highest possible security for your crypto – no matter which assets you own.

Whether you’re managing coins, tokens or NFTs, your Ledger Nano will keep your crypto completely secure, while the Ledger Live App opens a world of possibilities for your crypto, even as your private key remains securely within your device.

However, despite being the most secure system for managing crypto, there are certain things even Ledger cannot protect you from. And we will tackle those in the next section, before you graduate as a crypto aficionado and set off on your journey through Web3.

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