Since our beginnings in 2016, our ambitions have constantly grown. In this article, we detail our vision and how we plan to play a fundamental role in the future of Web3.

People have always protected what they hold precious. When assets were tangible, trust was visible. But that world has changed.

Today, we are witnessing the combined effect of two global trends: a global trust crisis and a massive wave of digitization. In 15 years, there will be a trillion devices connected. As more of our lives become digital, security threats will inevitably grow.

Over the next decade, the emergence of critical digital assets – crypto, tokens and NFTs – will give rise to a new Internet of value – Web3 – through a massive wave of tokenization, bringing programmability to all digital assets. From money, art, shares to identity, everything valuable will be converted into tokens, logged into blockchains and be managed by individuals and enterprises. By 2027, 10% of the world’s GDP is expected to be stored on public blockchains.

Securing these digital assets is a critical challenge. This is where we come in. We are Ledger.

Got Crypto? Get Ledger

What started as an idea – building a secure element chip to safeguard digital assets for crypto enthusiasts – has evolved into a cutting edge security platform used by millions of individuals and hundreds of enterprises.

Today, we are primarily known for being a secure gateway to crypto and NFTs. In the near future, we will be the gateway to assets as diverse as digital currencies, virtual real estates, digital art, luxury handbags, Metaverse avatars and more.

To maintain our world-leading security standards, we relentlessly stress-test our own tech solutions. The Ledger Donjon team is made up of world-class experts with extensive crypto security backgrounds. They continuously look for vulnerabilities in Ledger’s products in a constant effort to improve our level of security.

We believe in a world where users, creators and enterprises manage Web3 value with full ownership, security and freedom. We plan to play a fundamental role in this new digital era.

Explore with us the ever-expanding Web3 galaxy. Join the Ledger ecosystem.

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