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PATHWAY 3. What is Ledger?

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How Does Ledger Nano Secure Your Crypto?

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Key Takeaways
— Here, we’ll discuss how Ledger Nano hardware wallet will secure your crypto from physical threats.

— Every Ledger Nano is protected by a PIN code you set – so even if the device is stolen, your assets can not be accessed.

— The Secure Element used in Ledger Nano is a military-grade security chip used in credit cards and passports, and is impenetrable, even to the most sophisticated physical breach.

— Our custom operating system BOLOS keeps all apps isolated, securing your assets in the event of a compromised app.

— And Ledger’s team of industry-leading security experts, The Donjon, is constantly pushing the security of our system to identify any possible attack vectors – and close them immediately.

Choosing a hardware wallet over a digital wallet is a great move because it keeps your private keys safe from digital threats.

But in this article, let’s talk about physical threats to your crypto – and how Ledger Nano works to secure your crypto from all of them.

What if my device gets lost or stolen?

Hardware storage of your private keys is without doubt the best way to secure your crypto. But if your Ledger Nano is lost or stolen, how do you know your crypto will still be safe? Let’s talk through the key security features of the Ledger Nano.

Ledger Nano PIN code: only you can access the device

Every Ledger Nano requires you to create a PIN code when you set it up. This code can be up to 8 digits and only you can choose it. So, you are the only person who will ever know it. Even if someone gets a hold of your Ledger Nano, they still won’t be able to access your crypto because they won’t know your PIN.

Furthermore, if the wrong PIN code is entered three times in your Ledger Nano, it automatically performs a “factory reset” and wipes out all of your data from the device. This feature ensures that no matter who has your device, only you can access the private keys inside .

Secure Element Chip: protects against physical hacks

If your Ledger Nano falls into the wrong hands, you may face a more sophisticated threat – a physical hack of the device. With sophisticated attacks from expert hackers such as power glitching , side-channel attacks , and software hacks like attacking a Hardware Security Module , hardware wallets can be vulnerable if they don’t have the right fortification.

Ledger uses the world renowned Secure Element chip . It can be found in passports, sim cards and credit cards – where high-end security is needed. Ledger hardware wallets are the only wallets in the entire crypto industry that use a Secure Element chip. It protects you and your private keys against attacks like laser attacks, electromagnetic tampering, and power glitches. So no matter who has your device – your private keys cannot be compromised.

BOLOS: isolates each application

BOLOS is Ledger’s custom operating system. It ensures your transactions take place safely within the confines of your offline device, and no data ever leaves the wallet. It isolates each application from the rest, and also isolates your recovery phrase from those applications, ensuring that even if one of your apps is compromised, the rest remain secure.

Trusted Display: bringing certainty to every transaction

Computers and phone screens can be tampered with by hackers – but your Ledger screen cannot. Every Ledger device features a Trusted Display, a screen that cannot be hacked or tampered with, so you’ll know the transaction details you see here are accurate. That means no more blind signing, and no more trusting the unknown. Instead, you’ll be able to verify the full details of your transactions, and know exactly what you’re signing before you hit “confirm”.

The Ledger Donjon: constantly upgrading your Ledger Nano

Creating the most secure crypto wallet is not just about the physical components – it’s also about the software.

The Ledger Donjon is our internal security evaluation team made up of the leading security experts in the industry. This team of “good-guy hackers” is constantly testing the security software of your device, making sure to identify every possible attack vector, and close it immediately.

Every new update to your Ledger Nano brings with it a higher level of security, making the device impenetrable.

Ledger Nano: secure your crypto from every risk

The features of Ledger Nano, from the PIN code to the physical components, and even our internal security evaluation team, are designed to keep your crypto absolutely safe. By securing your private keys on a Ledger Nano, you can ensure that nobody except you can ever access your crypto, either online or via the device.

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at how our system enables you to be an effective gatekeeper for your crypto, providing a secure gateway to Web3 and equipping you with the information you need to identify risks.

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